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Our Story

Scottish Muslim Funeral Services was founded in 2013 by Khurram Mustafa to provide dignified and culturally-sensitive Islamic funeral services for the growing Muslim community in Scotland. After seeing the need for greater accommodations for Muslim burial traditions, Khurram made it his mission to create a service catering to these religious customs.

Over the last decade, Scottish Muslim Funeral Services has served hundreds of Muslim families across Scotland during difficult times. Our reputation has been built on years of compassionately providing Islamic burials true to the faith.

Our Mission

Scottish Muslim Funeral Services aims to honor the Islamic faith and traditions in all of our funeral services. Key parts of our mission include:

  • Providing timely burials according to Islamic customs.
  • Guiding families through the arrangements respectfully.
  • Ensuring religious requirements are fulfilled.
  • Serving the Muslim community with care and dignity.


We have been recognised by the scottish parliament for our motion to secure a site for a dedicated Muslim graveyard in the Lothian Region!

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